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The AVI is an online questionnaire based on 128 values from which a variety of reports and workbooks are produced. The AVI is "A Values Inventory" which has been specifically designed to support values-based programs conducted by professionals, be they: trainers, organisational consultants, counsellors, social workers, etc. We conduct regular Accreditation Programs for people to enable them to integrate the AVI, and the conceptual framework on which it is based, into their practice.

Benefits of the AVI:

  • Defining one’s values, and then living them, leads to higher states of well-being, lower levels of stress, higher productivity, better and faster decision making.  People have reported saving hours each day through being more focused and motivated.

  • When all people in an organisation use the AVI it facilitates the development of a common language of values. This in turn leads to an improved quality of communication and to higher levels of engagement. Also, a significant increase in morale can usually be expected and reductions in staff turnover of up to 30% have been reported.

  • A feature of the AVI, that distinguishes it from all other values inventories, is that aspects of it can be co-created with client organisations to suit their specific culture and individual requirements.

  • The AVI Questionnaire is accessible via the internet. Some reports, such as those used by schools, can be directly printed from the internet. Other reports, for example the leadership report developed for the Australian Military, consists of a 70 page bound workbook. Each report is confidential, specific to each person, and based on their own unique values. Group reports/workbooks can be produced for couples, teams, groups, organisations, demographic groupings, etc.

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