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AVI - A Values Inventory This Blog records development and support activities pertaining to the AVI. The AVI, "A Values Inventory" co-developed by Members of the Minessence Group, is used, as part of values-development/values-based leadership programmes by organisations including: Club Managers Australia, Burger King, Canon, Coca Cola, DPI, Lion Nathan, Scottish Agricultural College, Telstra, Veris Wealth Management, Vodafone, Westfield
The Culture Doctor The CULTURE DOCTOR ® is a Brisbane based business consultancy that focuses on delivering strategies to improve corporate culture within the workplace and thereby increase profits for businesses.
Defining Values Project The Minessence Group's Key Affiliates Team are currently engaged in a project to redefine the 128 Value Descriptors which underpin all the Group's values work. This is a read only blog. If you have years of experience in the values field and wish to be involved, contact us and we will be happy to include you in the Project Team.
MVF Knowledge-Base The Minessence Group maintains the Minessence Values Framework [MVF] Knowledge-Base. Through asking questions we learn. This MVF Knowledge-Base's purpose is the continuous expansion of knowledge related to values and their profound impact on everyone's life
Karyn Clarkes Blog Karyn Clarke's Blog. Karyn has been using the AVI for over 10 years
Minessence eZine The Minessence eZine is published on a regular basis to keep people interested in values-based development abreast latest R & D and Minessence Group events. This Blog is A place where you can comment on material published in the eZine
Principles to live by It's not what values we hold as a priority which matters, rather what's important is how we live our values. This Blog provides a forum for you to dialogue with others as to consequences of living your values the way you believe appropriate.
Values Education Tips and suggestions related to the conducting of values education programmmes.
Chippendale's GF Recipes This blog has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose for which the Minessence Group's website exists. However, I continually run into people who, when they find out I am Celiac (i.e. - can't tolerate gluten in food) and that love to cook, they ask me for my recipes - so here they are.
Chippendale's Blog Paul personal Blog: Random thoughts from Paul—some significant events in his life—nothing intentionally directly related to values or the Minessence Group.

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