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Minessence International Cooperative Ltd - Established in 2015. Our Members are world leaders in the development and support of values-technologies.

AVI - The AVI (A Values Inventory) is used internationally by individuals and organisations:

  • To assist in career choices
  • As an adjunct to recruitment processes
  • In organisation wide values programs - reductions in staff turnover of 25% have been reported
  • As an aid to strategic planning, scenario planning and in creating meaningful corporate vision and mission statements
  • By practitioners of ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and ACCL (Acceptance, Commitment and Conscious Living) - a core component of ACT and ACCL, is the exploration of, and commitment to, one's values
  • In team building/team development - effective teams are ones where there is diversity of membership bound together by the "glue" of a strongly held set of shared values.
  • In corporate stress reduction programs - it's amazing how stress levels drop when we are clear about our values and consciously committed to them.

International Team - There's an international team of people accredited to use the AVI. Click here  to locate the nearest person to you.

MissionControl - The international team of AVI Accredited Consultants are supported by a web-based system known as MissionControl. From MissionControl they can perform all functions necessary to use the AVI with individuals, groups and corporations. For example: group codes can be created - these then appear automatically in a drop-down-list when people are completing the AVI online; automatic notification is sent to a Consultant each time a person completes an AVI at their dedicated online AVI website; AVI reports can be produced, by the Consultant, directly from MissionControl; and much more.

Books and Other Resources - Support to people working with values is also provided through a range of award-winning books written by CO-OP members. These include: New Wisdom II: Values-based Development - Colins & Chippendale; Finding True North - Henderson (winner of the Ashton Wylie Book Award 2004, this book is the 'bible' for proponents of ACT & ACCL); Leading through Values - Henderson, Thompson & Henderson (an international best seller in the corporate world).

You are welcome to...

  • Become accredited so you can use the AVI to conduct values audits of your organisation, undertake values-based team building, enhance your mentoring/coaching skills, etc.
  • Become an Associate Member because you support our Vision & Mission.

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