Ainsley Johnston , Love Your Way

Ainsley is the Founder and Director of Love Your Way, an Australian company that specializes in helping individuals to transform their lives from a life that they are simply living to a life that they are LOVING.

Ainsley has a diverse background having worked in a number of different organizations in various industries, including Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Personal Training, Corporate Health, Pharmaceuticals, Risk Management, Information Technology, Hospitality, Business Mentoring & Coaching, Personal Coaching and Dental.

Ainsley has identified, that irrespective of which industry she has worked in, the same common thread exists throughout. Each organization is challenged with creating a culture where both the individuals and the business thrive. Additionally, she has noted how many individuals are unhappy with their jobs, yet are not making any changes to enhance their lives. Ainsley recalls herself, working day in day out struggling to wake up and get out of bed each day due to the lack of inspiration, and being left feeling completely unfilled at the end of the day. One day Ainsley “woke up” and decided that things had to change.

This lead Ainsley to embark on a journey of self discovery, where she knew that there had to be more to life than just going through the motions and the end of the day feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Ainsley started her journey studying life coaching with the intention of learning the skills to one day help others to create change in their lives.

Ainsley has since worked as a Business Coach with the world’s number 1 business coaching firm, ActionCOACH. She worked with the owners of small businesses to help them grow their businesses, which as a result, would provide them with the time and the finances to live the things in life that were most important to them.

Ainsley has also trained as a Values Consultant with the Minessence Group and now works with both individuals and businesses to help them to discover their values, and lead their businesses and their lives in a direction that holds true meaning, purpose and fulfillment. Ainsley is a confident facilitator, having managed and executed individual and corporate training programs within small, medium and large sized organizations. Ainsley now conducts Values Alignment Workshops to enhance the culture within organizations through assisting individuals to identify their own values and align them with their organisation’s values.

Ainsley brings her fun loving nature and sense of humour to all that she does. She approaches life with exuberance, passion and determination. When she is not helping people to change their lives, she can be found at the gym, meditating, having some wines with friends, at the beach, reading or in front of a good movie.

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