Jackie Le Fevre , Magma Effect Limited

Founder and Director of Magma Effect Limited, a UK based company that specialises in values based approaches to working with individuals, teams and organisations. In 2013 working with the University of Liverpool and Merseyside Disability Federation Jackie completed a significant study of organisational culture and its relationship to the development and delivery of social care services. Jackie’s first book “Braver Than You Think – female perspectives on courage” was published in 2008. Linked to the book Jackie has developed the Braveometer™ - an online tool for individuals to quickly map aspects of fear and bravery in their lives – to encourage people to overcome the anxieties that stand in the way of the life they want to lead.

Originally qualified as a zoologist with a particular interest in behavioural ecology, Jackie spent two years in The Gambia in West Africa managing a project reintroducing chimpanzees to the wild. Jackie has had an eclectic career spanning environmental education, public relations, tourism, campaigning, teaching, training and organisational development frequently with organisations focussed on social benefit. Jackie is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and a member of the CMI Subject Matter Experts Group with a particular focus upon values and culture. Jackie  plays an active role in the development of both the UK Values Alliance and the Global Values Alliance. Jackie is also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire contributing to the MSc in Organisational Psychology where she is researching a PhD on the topic of values and wellbeing.

Over the last twenty five years working predominantly in the UK and Ireland, Jackie has gained additional qualifications as a teacher of adults and as a strategic manager although her chainsaw users certificate has now expired.

Between 1996 and 2003 Jackie led teams that achieved significant recognition for their work in communications and innovation collecting no less than nine awards from organisations including Learning Northwest, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Sefton Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the North West Tourist Board and the (then) Department for Education and Skills.

Alongside values Jackie’s big passion is her two daughters, Hannah and Victoria, who she describes as the most significant project she has ever embarked upon. 

You can follow Jackie on Twitter @MagmaEffect.

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