Tim Matthews , Leading Edge Consulting
Tim was a co-founder and managing partner of Leading Edge Consulting.

Established in 1988 Leading Edge focuses on the development of strategy and skills in the personal, interpersonal and group dimensions of organisational performance, with a particular interest in the impact that managers’ beliefs and behaviour have on culture and performance.

Leading Edge has also developed a significant practice and body of work in the establishment of effective working relationships between groups, both within the same of organisation and between separate organisations. In this context we seek to integrate the human dimension – personal, interpersonal and group dynamics – with the work dimension – establishing the practices and processes necessary to create and deploy products and services of value and impact in the wider community.

Tim has played a leading role in the design, development and delivery of programs in the areas of:

  • Leadership and Management Development

  • Strategic, Business and Operational Planning

  • Organisational and Performance Development

  • Team Building and Personal Effectiveness

Informed by his own background and experience, most of Tim’s work has been with larger national and international organisations in the fields of:

  • Telecommunications

  • Information technology

  • Energy generation and distribution

  • Transport and logistics

  • Media

  • Health

  • Manufacturing

  • State and national government departments, and intergovernmental agencies.

At the other end of the scale, Leading Edge has also worked closely with smaller, local and regional organisations providing integrated development programs encompassing strategic orientation, leadership development, management training, customer engagement, team building and personal effectiveness across all levels within the organisation.

Our work has been driven by a deep interest in understanding why some organisations are able to develop and sustain a clear sense of social purpose, meaning and direction, and then organise themselves to successfully fulfill this role, while others struggle with these issues.To this end the principals of Leading Edge initiated the development of a model that would describe and explain the wide range of motivators observed both within and between individuals and groups.

In the course of this project, we encountered an earlier version of a values inventory that has now developed into the Minessence Values Framework (MVF). Since that time we have used the MVF as a fundamental resource to understand our clients’ values and culture. It has also proved vital in helping our clients understand their own values and motivation, both at the individual and group levels. It has become a key tool for our clients to understand and develop their organisation’s role and relationships within their particular environment, whether working with their customers, suppliers, stakeholders, communities or other partnering organisations.

In 2012 Tim stepped back from a leadership role in Leading Edge, and now focuses on research and development of new models and materials, supporting other consultants in the design and delivery of their projects, and in the development of their facilitation skills in their work with their clients. He also continues to work with his own client group.

As a founding member and current director of the Co-op, Tim has a particular interest in maintaining a current understanding of the science that underpins the structure and dynamics of the MVF. He is involved in the development and accreditation of new members of the Co-op in the application of the framework, with a particular focus on leadership development. He is interested in the continuing development and wider positioning of the MVF to play a stronger role in organisational and societal decision making.


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