Tim Matthews ,

I have had a lifetime interest in understanding human motivation and behaviour at the personal, organisational and societal scales.

In the early 1900’s I was part of a group developing a model to explain and describe the diverse range of behaviours we observed within and between individuals and groups.

In the course of this project, we came across an earlier version of the MVF. Since then, I have worked with this framework in my personal life and as a consultant focusing on strategy, leadership and organisational performance.

I was a founding member of the Minessence Cooperative and was board member for a number of years.

I was involved in developing processes and resources for the Accreditation of new members.

I had particularly interest in what contemporary scientific research could tell us about the most appropriate and up to date content, structure and dynamics for the framework.

Over the last five years or so my interest and research has focused on understanding how to capture and best represent the values and worldviews of people coming of age and living their lives in the unique and challenging social and physical environment of the 21st Century.

My work now focuses on developing and promoting resources to ensure that a wide range of diverse values and worldviews are properly represented in all social and political decision making…

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