Colin Keily , Phoenix North


Twenty-eight years experience in human resource management involving both "hands-on" application and management control of all HR functions. Five of those as Director of Employee Resources in an organisation of over 1200 people spread across four geographic regions and ten years as Group Manager HR for an international agri-manufacturer with farms and mills across Far North Queensland.

Nine years experience in business management providing training services and management consulting principally in the fields of human resource management and business planning and development.

Eleven years experience in secondary education the last six of that as a Senior Master of Mathematics heading a faculty of 20 staff in a school of over 1000 students.


Promoting organisation change management and human resource systems development drawing on a variety of persuasive skills, namely; leading, training, negotiating, consulting and facilitating applied from a pragmatic, analytical and values centred foundation.

Knowledge and practical application of a wide range of HR principles, policies and practices and psychological theories and instruments especially in the field of career management and organisation development.

Developing innovative yet practical tenders and consultancy submissions.  Stringently managing contracts for same, often involving recruitment and training of staff, developing intellectual resources and acquiring premises and equipment.

Ability to build highly committed, focussed teams achieving business success through cooperative work practices with other work groups and carefully nurtured alliances.


Through processes of business planning, performance management, training and stepped transition, help businesses or organisations operate with collaborative, autonomous, values centred work teams rather than in institutional, hierarchical structures.

Mentoring the development of professional HR practitioners and managers.

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