Jochen de Jager , Oryx People - Human Potential

I appreciate that you are so much more than simply the sum of your completed qualifications and past achievements.

I lead our Human Potential practice which includes the customised assessment and evaluation of executives during our search process. I am accredited in a number of leadership development and selection tools which form part of the overall methodology. There are multiple applications for both group and individual participants, and these include:

- Revisiting/redefining your organisational purpose and vision,
- Understand the values and worldview that underpin the behaviours/culture (shared meaning) of your leadership team, do these align with the purpose and vision?
- Gain insight into why some engagement scores differ from one area of the business to another
- Team dynamics and motivation; how leaders can behave under stress and its impact

- Understanding oneself; what do diagnostic results mean for you, your personal story?
- What do you want to achieve/improve?
- What is your current reality?
- What options are available to you?
- How will you commit to agreed-upon steps?

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