Eszter Nagy , Budapest University of Technolog and Economics

Eszter is living in Budapest, Hungary with her boyfriend and her pet mice – surrounded by a loving family and friends, living ‘here and there’ in the world. She is a pet-enthusiast, in her free time she loves to watch movies, read good books and do handcrafting. She likes to work with people, it is her passion.

Eszter is a certified psychologist and currently working at Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a research assistant at the Department of Ergonomics and Psychology. She is in the fourth (and final) year of her PhD, which is about teachers’ burnout syndrome and how to alleviate it. She works with the AVI in her Renewal program, which is a 7 week-long program, that she developed for teachers in the public education (this program was inspired by Julia Reid, also a member of Minessence). In her program, Eszter first sensitize her participants to have a familiarity with their “dark side”, aka. teaches them self-compassion, and then helps teachers to find a meaningful path that can be followed after the program. In this, AVI is a big help. Eszter can reassure how ‘unfolding meaning through values’ have a huge positive impact on teachers’ lives, after having 21 people who tested out the Renewal program.

Eszter also works as a soft-skill development trainer at the University, she enjoyes especially a current program where she helps university students to clarify their carreer-goals – also connected to finding the meaning in life ;)

Eszter draws her inspiration for her work from her own self-development, which started in 2014 with a consciousness-development training, the Avatar® Course. She is a licensed Avatar Master, and offers her service to this program by delivering Avatar® Courses and ReSurfacing® workshops when she has the time.

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