Richard Young , Transition Path
I connect ideas, evidence and people to accelerate performance.  
I align thoughts and actions for experts to benefit more from their own expertise and solve performance challenges.
I have been involved with 8 Olympics as an athlete, coach, manager, scientist and leader, a PanAm Gold medalist and coach of World Champions.  A PhD in Medical science and 30 years internationally combining evidence and ideas to improve potential and performance.  I am an advisor, mentor, coach author and speaker.  Both in and out of sport.  Organisations and individuals.  
I thrive in a forest of trees.  I bring perspective to people who are typically expert in their field.  Perspective that clears the way, lifts and deepens the pursuit of performance and improves personal productivity and satisfaction.

My values are excellence, creativity, family, minessence (simply the complex), collaboration, learning  and productivity.

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